February 15, 2012

In a War Zone, Solace Through Food

This is just a wonderful article  from Alissa J. Rubin, Kabul bureau chief of The New York Times. As a new correspondent in a cold, barren place, she found solace in the few foods that evoked home. It’s the sort of imagery that makes novels come alive.

Rubin writes:

Over the months I discovered that if I could recreate small moments of home that would carry me (in my imagination) to times and places and people I loved, then the worst hardship could be endured.

Food has a  central place in Spy Rules, much as it does in New York, the center of the American melting pot. Food is the front door through which you can enter another culture, and most everything is represented. There’s no finer New York experience than biting into something you’ve never eaten before as people around you speak a language you’ve barely heard before. Preferably late at night.